About No Hats

All NO HATS are carefully felted and are as light and thin as possible. Only choice felts do not rip apart while crumpling or bending them. Our NO HATS not only endure such treatment, they even get softer by usage. Allowing for high flexibility they will always find back to their basic shape - a “non-shape” which can be formed and re-defined according to your own preferences.

NO HATS are made out of pure felt, without any decorations - they can, of course, be altered as you feel inclined. You won’t find any labels on our products, just a stamp of authenticity on the inside - assuring you to have acquired an original NO HAT.

NO HATS can be bent into any shape you can think of, allowing you to wear them any way you like. A word of advice: Even though the quality is fantastic, please don’t hesitate to really shape your NO HAT - they can take it!

And what, if it rains ? Our felts are of course water resistant, beeing made with water, pressure and heat.

About Felt

Since ancient times, felt has been produced from animal hair. Looking at the hair under a microscope reveals its surface to be covered in tiny scales, similar to those of a pinecone.

Opened by heat, wetness and mechanical pressure, those scales then stick to each other and produce an entanglement - the felt is created.